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columbia gorge school of yoga

Yoga teacher training
with janet stone, Kathy kacena
& pamela stone chambers

2024 - RYT 200 


Whether you simply wish to deepen your own personal practice or step into teaching yoga, our training with Janet Stone as lead teacher this year is a very special opportunity!


We are offering in-person and online modules during which we will introduce the core teachings of yoga, including vinyasa, yin, pranayama, bhakti (devotional) yoga, meditation, mantra, anatomy & biomechanics as well as the history, philosophy & ethics of yoga. Deepen your practice & focus on building a foundation for teaching through experience. 

Our invitation is for you to arrive open-hearted, ready to learn, awaken and remember your true nature. As we become more intimate with our inner selves & unwind old patterns, we discover our deepest heart intention. During this course, you will be inspired to bring the practice of yoga into your daily life in a very personal way. 

In-Person Modules will be held in White Salmon, Washington at our bright & beautiful studio in the Scenic Columbia River Gorge. We imagine this training will fill up! Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

our 2024 Training has begun!

we are no longer accepting applications. 

Our 2024 Training combines Online Learning with Immersive In-Person Learning.


Opening Weekend with Kathy Kacena & Pamela Stone Chambers

MAY 31 - JUNE 2, 2024

We will gather together as a group for the first time, sharing and exploring our deepest intentions for this training, this next phase of life, finding greater presence with ourselves, with each breath & each moment. As we practice & share space together, we will delve into the basics of our training, studying the anatomy of motion, anatomical variations, biomechanics, ethics as well as the history of yoga. Kathy will teach an entire day of Yin Yoga and, as we practice asana, meditation, pranayama and mantra together, we will also learn ways to support our own daily yoga practice and deepen our internal commitment to ourselves.


Living the 8 Limbs with Janet Stone

JUNE 3 - AUGUST 23, 2024


Many of us in the west enter the practice of yoga through movement. The yoga we “do” when we step on our mats is one aspect of a more extensive set of practices and philosophical tenets that can provide a compass for our lives. The principles drawn from the ancient texts can strengthen your foundation as a practitioner of yoga, and help you to embody the soul of yoga in your teachings and in your life. What you will receive:

  • 12 weeks of guided study and practice

  • Deep study of the Yamas and Niyamas

  • Weekly Zoom Gatherings

  • Seated practices, including meditation, pranayama, mantra and mudra, for each week

  • Asana practices & sun salutations designed to explore each of the 8 Limbs & each Yama and Niyama

  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates

  • Questions for self-study and contemplation

  • A dedicated Facebook group for discussion and community connection

Path of Devotion with Janet Stone



Path: a course or direction in which a person is moving. Each new day offers a chance to live fully into our path to bring us more in line with our deepest intentions. Striving & achievements are on pause, allowing us to carve out a path that is in integrity with where we want to place our attention and time.

Devotion: what we devote our time, attention, our life force to. This is a recommitment to the love and enthusiasm we bring to this life and to each moment. We'll make space for ten days of deep self study, yoga practice, and falling in love with life again and again.


This unique 10-day training begins by establishing your svadharma, your own personal path.

Three themes will create a foundation for our practice and study:

  • Sankalpa: Unearthing your deepest intention/soul longing. What am I up to with this precious life resource?

  • Adhikara: Assessing your strengths and your greatest opportunities for growth.

  • Sadhana: Integrating practice and self-study into everyday life. How do I create a personal practice that is sustainable and attainable?

With this deeper understanding of your personal path of yoga, we’ll dive into the training’s core curriculum with experienced guidance from Janet Stone and top-of-their-field guest teachers.

  • Meditation: Slowing the fluctuations of the mind to experience presence

  • Mantra/Chanting: Opening your heart through your voice in a practice of devotion, surrender and clear intention

  • Pranayama: Using the breath to access the subtle body to nourish your life force

  • Asana, alignment, and anatomy: Coming to the physical practice as a means of self-study and honoring of our embodiment

  • Storytelling: Connecting to your own inner archetypes through the power of mythology

  • Philosophy: Exploring the history and philosophy through the practice and discussion

In this immersion, we deepen our relationship with self through the lens of bhakti — the devotional, heart-centered path of yoga. We will establish a foundation of living our daily life with love and devotion to each breath. 

Please email Pamela Stone Chambers

at for more information.

Teaching staff

janet stone

Always a student, Janet has immersed herself in the ancient practices of yoga for over thirty years. A global yoga teacher, she shares the teachings from the heart. Through curiosity, devotion, and dedication, she creates a unique approach to living yoga. Janet’s yoga journey began at 17 under her meditation teacher, whose reverence for simplicity and joy live on in her practice and teachings to this day. She shares from the depth of her own sadhana (sustained practice), her studentship in the eight-limbed path, her creative approach to asana, and her reverence for bhakti (devotional, heart-centered yoga, including chanting mantra). Janet invites students to investigate what they think they know, to hold compassion for what they discover within themselves, and to remember presence, the long view & the depth of our interconnectedness. In her words, "This is my passion, where I thrive in showing up to share the wisdom of my teachers in a way that meets the moment. We've created a safe, brave space to bring every part of yourself to the table."

Janet Seated Doorway.jpg

kathy kacena

Kathy is the founder and inspiration of Yoga Samadhi Columbia Gorge. Before moving to the Gorge in 2005, she was co-founder/director of Yoga Samadhi Atlanta, Georgia. Kathy’s teaching style is warm and welcoming. She combines traditional active yoga poses balanced with yin style poses, which are long held passive stretches that work deeply to open connective tissue.


Kathy has been teaching since 1999. Her training includes: 

  • Viniyoga apprenticeship (Krishnamacharya /TKV Desikachar lineage), Pierce Program, Atlanta, Georgia. 

  • Yin Yoga training with Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers at Peachtree Yoga Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Vipassana meditation with Phillip Moffitt. 


pamela stone chambers

Pamela has been practicing yoga since 1997 when she went to visit her sister, Janet, in LA and attended a class with Max Strom.  She has taken her commitment to new levels and brought her yoga practice more deeply into her heart and daily life in the last several years. Pamela has been a chiropractor since 1996 and has a wealth of wisdom & experience working with the human body.  "My joy is in bringing movement, breath & intention together to allow for a deeper experience of our true nature, a remembering of who we truly are." As owner of Yoga Samadhi Columbia Gorge, Pamela serves our community with warmth, kindness & generosity.  In her words, "What a pleasure it is to be a part of this community & to invite more people to enjoy yoga as a vital, transformative gift in their lives."

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