class descriptions


vinyasa flow

A dynamic sequence of sun salutations and traditional hatha yoga poses linked by breath and movement. Integrating awareness, alignment, balance, and grace, this quintessential yoga practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. As we learn to ride the waves of breath in our yoga practice, we learn to ride the waves of change in our lives.

viniyoga vinyasa

Breath-centric vinyasa, chanting, pranayama (breathing practice) & a short meditation at the end. Enjoy continuous movement while keeping focus on the breath, a repetitive flow through simple poses while breathing consciously.

yin yang

Yin features seated and reclining poses passively held 3-5 minutes and focuses on releasing deep connective tissue; this approach marries asana and meditation to create a very deep and quiet practice, suitable for all levels; Yang refers to vinyasa (flow); Half of class is devoted to each style.  

qi flow

Free flowing vinyasa yoga suited for all experience and comfort levels. Pranayama will be followed by a slow, flowing sequence of meaningful movements, all guided by breath and a light heart. Elements of Hatha, Tai Chi, vinyasa flow, and Kriya are often incorporated.

Pilates yoga fusion

Combining Mat Pilates with Yoga Poses, Pilates Yoga Fusion is a low impact and high/low intensity workout adjustable to all fitness levels. The class will help enhance body tone, core strength, and flexibility. 

senior yoga

Gentle yoga for healthy aging with a focus on stretching, coordinating breath and movement, improving balance, and developing present-moment awareness within our practice. 


5 Animal Frolics Qi Gong is a fun and powerful movement and wellness practice from ancient China that is thousands of years old. Students will learn the ways of the crane, deer, bear, tiger, and monkey. Besides the interesting physical movements, students will also learn about the emotional, seasonal, and elemental associations for each animal. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. Good for strength, flexibility, balance and emotional healing.