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class descriptions


vinyasa flow

A dynamic sequence of sun salutations & hatha yoga poses linked by breath and movement. Integrating awareness, alignment, balance, and grace, this quintessential yoga practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. As we learn to ride the waves of breath in our yoga practice, we learn to ride the waves in our lives.

yin yang

Yin features seated and reclining poses passively held 3-5 minutes and focuses on releasing deep connective tissue; this approach marries asana and meditation to create a very deep and quiet practice, suitable for all levels; Yang refers to vinyasa (flow) breath-centric yoga flow; Half of class is devoted to each style.  

qi flow

Free flowing vinyasa yoga suited for all experience and comfort levels. Pranayama will be followed by a slow, flowing sequence of meaningful movements, all guided by breath and a light heart. Elements of Hatha, Tai Chi, vinyasa flow, and Kriya are often incorporated.


Restorative & Sound

Melt into fully supported poses, held for a longer period of time, allowing the body to deeply rest, giving you an opportunity to experience deeper peacefulness though mindful breathing, meditative relaxation, inquiry and fascial release.  Classes include Therapeutic Touch for those who would like it as well as instrumental sound vibrations to ease tensions and support greater peace, calm and overall well being.


A dynamic sequence of sun salutations and hatha yoga poses linked by breath and movement. This class is designed to bring your yoga practice to the next level by heightening awareness of the body, breath and mind. Designed as a curriculum over time, the focus of class will vary every few weeks and is intended to invite nuance, vigor and empowerment to the practitioner. All students who have the desire to become stronger, regardless of current ability, are welcome to attend. Physical assists may be offered in this class & are optional. Please let teacher know your preference.


A quiet, contemplative practice, working deeply into the body with passive, longer-held poses, Yin targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. This is in contrast to a Yang yoga practice such as Vinyasa, which targets the muscles.

This practice can also improve energy flow in the body and offer wonderful emotional and mental health benefits.

yoga fusion

Combining strength-building fitness moves with yoga poses & flow, enjoy a low impact and moderate intensity workout adjustable to all fitness levels. This class will help enhance body tone, strength, and flexibility. 

gentle FLOW

Offering a slower pace and longer holds, this class is safe & welcoming for all levels of ability and for all ages. Linking breath to movement, enjoy a slow flow focused on balance, strength and flexibility.  

sunrise yoga

Start your day with community as we welcome the sun into our hearts and its warmth into our beings. Feel the power of quietude and sweet awakening energy as we flow. Enjoy meditation, breathing, movement, optional hands on assists, a ritual of poses that guide us through sun salutations, mantras, breath-work (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras) and meditation to strengthen the nervous system, find balance and prepare for the day ahead. 


In this class, you will learn & explore the foundations of Iyengar Yoga in a way that supports your well-being.  We will practice to gain strength, balance and flexibility.  You will learn how to relieve stress, practice breath awareness and connect with yourself in new ways.

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