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The purpose of this plan is to communicate the requirements for Yoga Samadhi instructors and patrons in support of in-person classes at Yoga Samadhi Columbia Gorge in White Salmon, WA.  For additional information, contact the studio owner, Pamela Stone Chambers at


In-studio yoga classes will be held by trained instructors. To attend an in-studio class, patrons will register and pay for the specific class online, through Wellness Living. Patrons may register by going to or through the Wellness Living Achieve App. Yoga Samadhi’s website:, under Schedule, Online Classes, also has a link to Sign-in to Wellness Living. Online registration & payment simplifies check-in. As of June 30, 2021, there are "No capacity restrictions in restaurants, bars, stores, businesses, theaters etc. (except large indoor events)."


It is important you are in good health when you attend a class In-Person. If you answer, "Yes" to any of the following questions, please do not come to the studio:


  • Have you been in close contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19?

  • Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?

  • Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

  • Have you experienced a loss of taste or smell?

  • Have you had diarrhea, or vomited, in the last 24 hours?


Masks are, once again, Mandated by Governor Jay Inslee

Beginning 8/23/21, Washington State mandates that all people wear masks in public indoor spaces regardless of vaccine status.    

Safety Protocols

Washington State Safety and Health Requirements All Phases:


Please stay home when sick or if you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19. Any person with symptoms of COVID-19, or who has been in close contact with a person who is confirmed positive for COVID-19, may not enter the studio space or participate in studio classes.  Please attend our Online Classes to stay safe until you have fully healed and self-quarantined for 10-14 days.

Please ensure your contact information on file with the studio is up to date in your Wellness Living account.  The studio will keep a log of every participant in each in-studio yoga session in the event that contact tracing is required at a later time.


Physical Distance:  No physical distancing required. (as of 6/30/21). We recommend each person maintain a distance that feels safe for them, given their individual situation and level of comfort.


Hygiene: For your convenience, soap and water are in the bathroom; hand sanitizer that contains the required 60-90% alcohol content is located at the front entrance, front desk and in the back of the studio.  

Cleaning: Shared equipment is disinfected after each use. High-use areas and restrooms  are cleaned and disinfected regularly. CDC guidelines for cleaning & disinfection are followed at all times.

Ventilation: Yoga Samadhi has excellent air quality with all safety measures in place.  All of our ventilation systems operate properly; ceiling fans are always on, and a medical-grade air filter is always running. When possible, air circulation & ventilation is increased by opening windows and doors.


Props: Please bring blocks, blanket and your yoga mat from home, if at all possible.  If you do not have a bolster, you may borrow one of our bolsters provided you cover it with a towel or blanket from home. Sanitizer and cloth rags are available to you to wipe down your mats before and/or after your yoga session.  Please feel free to use them and place used cloths in the bin provided. Patrons are required to bring their own water bottles. Water bottles may be filled using the water dispenser located outside of the restroom.  Please sanitize your hands before touching the dispenser. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to offer in-person classes, while following all Safety Guidelines.

We are thankful for you, our community, every day.