Yoga Samadhi Columbia Gorge is a bright & spacious studio in downtown White Salmon WA, across from The Inn of the White Salmon.

  • Hello Friends and Family,
    I have always admired straight-talk, so it is with a wide-open heart that I share this with you. Recently I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

    There are so many mixed emotions that come roaring in with this information, and I am currently just riding the wave; taking each moment, each breath, each new piece of information one at a time.

    I want you to know that this is a treatable cancer and there are really high survival rates for this type of cancer. I know deep in my heart that my health will be restored completely. But I do require treatment. Cancer has affected several loved ones, and so I’ve certainly thought about what I would do if I were diagnosed with cancer. What would I choose? Now I am faced with medical decisions that I never thought I would l have to make.

    I have consented to have surgery to remove my thyroid and any other lymph nodes that the cancer may have
    metastasized to. I have more imaging and diagnostic testing in the next few weeks, followed by surgery in a month. Along with these medical procedures, I am also exploring other alternative treatments through nutrition and supplementation.

    In addition to all the processing and logistics of dealing with cancer, there is also the financial burden. I am currently an uninsured person. My family and I had medical coverage at the beginning of the year, which we had to let lapse due to the rising costs. We live such a healthy lifestyle, that being diagnosed with cancer was the farthest thing from my mind. But cancer doesn’t discriminate. And so, here I am.

    I have always encouraged my loved ones to ask for help when they need it. Now I am asking for help from you. This feels so vulnerable, and yet is so necessary in order to cover the cost of surgery and follow-up treatment. In Love,
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  • There will be a donation box in the studio for anyone who wants to make additional contributions.
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