Yoga Samadhi Columbia Gorge is a bright & spacious studio in downtown White Salmon WA, across from The Inn of the White Salmon.

  • Hello Friends and Family,
    What a crazy journey this has been! It has been roughly two months since I was diagnosed with cancer, and just a month since I had surgery to have my thyroid removed. During that surgery, 29 of my lymph nodes were also removed, and 9 of those were found to be cancerous. There is a 25-30% chance that I may still have cancerous cells elsewhere, so the next part of treatment is called “radioactive iodine ablation”, which I will undergo the beginning of September. This is a really elegant way to target thyroid cells that may be cancerous and lurking somewhere that we can’t see on imaging. It also requires that I be quarantined because I’ll be radioactive… wild. Most importantly though, my heart has been blasted wiiiide OPEN !!! I’ve always told my children that learning doesn’t cease just because you “grow up”, and I am here to tell you that I have learned more about myself and the Beauty of Life over the past two months than I ever thought humanly possible. Thank you, Sweet Friends!

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