Undiscovered Indonesia Kite and Yoga Retreat

Instructor: Johanna Siskar
Date & Time: June 26th- July 7th 

I am thrilled to bring you, to this pristine, magical beach. If you, like me, like crystal clear warm waters, to kite to your heart’s content, this is your adventure. I chose this location, not only because of its beauty, but because finding a place so perfect for kiting; good wind, clean, clear, and warm water…without a crowd, is something extremely rare this days.

We are going to have daily Yoga, to prepare our body for kiting, this is a place where we kite up front, no driving for hours to chase the wind. June and July are when the wind is most consistent. Sending our good vibes, mother nature will grad us her best kite conditions. I can’t wait for you to join me, in this exclusive and exciting adventure.

Namaste, Johanna

Cost: for 2 people starts at $4,980.00
RSVP Details: go@samanalegacyadventures.com or text me at 5416450889