new students

Some Tips for New Students

  • If you live here locally, your first week of classes are free. Sign up for an introductory week and come to as many classes as you’d like.
  • There is no need to call ahead or register. The studio is spacious so there will be enough room.
  • If you are a beginner, we recommend any class on the schedule other than power vinyasa.
  • Come a few minutes early to your first class so that you can talk with the teacher and collect any props (mat, bolster, etc.) needed for the class.
  •  Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your breath or movement. Part of your class may be active so don’t dress too warmly, but do bring an extra layer and socks for the floor poses.
  • Eat sparingly (or not at all) within two hours before class.
  • Mats and any necessary props will be available during class, but for hygienic reasons we suggest that you bring you own mat if you continue to attend class.