Regina Busse

reginaRegina, aka Reggie, is new to the Gorge.  Originally from Nebraska, Regina spent over 10 years traveling around the world.  Her summers were spent in the Swiss Alps, working in the adventure tourism industry, while her winters involved a myriad of backpacking adventures.

Regina’s yoga journey began like many practitioners; as a way to improve flexibility and overall health.  What she discovered were methods to help quiet her mind and ultimately, aid in self-discovery.

Of course, she’ll be the first to admit that these notions are poetic and charming, but fleeting for most of us.  They come and go in moments of brilliance leaving us anxious for more.  She believes that,  “Our mind is our greatest gift and our greatest obstacle.  Learning to control it is a lifelong journey.”

Regina graduated from the Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India with her 500hr RYS in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.  When you step foot in Regina’s class expect a warm smile and a fun, yet challenging, practice.  Her goal for each student is simple, “Check in with your body, bring awareness to your breath and allow your mind to experience something wonderful.”