Ms Michael Stewart

Ms. Michael Stewart started coming to the Gorge in 1987, drawn by the wind and waves and natural beautmichaely. She brought her art-work with her, inspired by the wonders of the West.

Although she had practiced many other styles of yoga, she was immediately drawn in to the peaceful, healing powers of Yin yoga. Under Kathy Kacena’s tutelage, she spent a decade moving toward the balance provided by a yoga practice.

Last year she decided to embark on a journey to spread the healing benefits of yoga with others and began her teacher training.

She is getting her 200 hours from St. Petersburg Yoga in Florida. This school, founded by Chris Acosta, lays its foundation on the 3000 year old principles of Pantanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. Observation of breath, edge, beginners mind, stillness and balance in life are emphasized throughout the training. The asanas are used as a tool to bring us into a place of balance in our minds and in our life.

She studied meditation and the higher limbs of Yoga under Doug Warner at St. Petersburg Yoga.
In May, she went to land of Buddha Medicine in Soquel, CA for Paul and Susie Grilley’s 100 hour intensive training in Yin Yoga. The theories and practices first relayed by Kathy Kacena were further illuminated. This gentle, healing style of long-held poses, targeting the larger muscle groups will be the main focus of her classes. Breath, mindfulness and movement will complement.

When not teaching, you will still see her doing artwork, hiking, windsurfing, gardening, playing with family and practicing yoga to balance it all out!