Kathrin Unger

Kathrin began meditating in college in 1973. She became a monk soon thereafter, meditating 4-8 hours per day for 15 years. She served on the executive board of the U.S. Transcendental Meditation organization and national retreat center, and designed, produced, and taught international courses to train Teachers of Transcendental Meditation. She left the order to attend graduate school and earned her PhD in Ethnobotany, writing her doctoral dissertation on Indian tribal medicine and Ayurvedic medicinal plants. On graduating, she set up, directed, and taught at the U.S.’s first training program in Ayurveda for Deepak Chopra.

Kathrin has been involved with the Oneness Movement and Supreme Light of Supreme Love work since 2005, and has taught Oneness one-day and weekend retreats to over 400 individuals. She leads Supreme Light of Supreme Love groups in Portland and Vancouver, and is now teaching in the Columbia Gorge, where she lives.