Johanna Siskar

In January 1999 at the beautiful Expanding light (Ananda Ashram in California),  Johanna found her natural love for teaching, her teachers Gyandev & Diksha McCord.

Johanna’s style of teaching is filled with powerful grace and spiritual beauty. Her students love her strength, clear directions with emphasis on alignment, breath and focus practice of Pranayama, visualizations, and chanting.

Through the years her practice and teaching have evolved and bloomed influenced greatly by Iyengar teachers like senior teacher Bob Metzler, and master teacher Santhanam, Yin Yoga learned here at Samadhi Yoga with Kathy Kacena, and now in 2018 daily practice of Pranayama thanks to Amish, a Jivamukti teacher in Sri Lanka.

In the spring of 2004, Johanna studied with Saul David Ray receiving the gift of becoming a Thai Yoga therapist.

Johanna started teaching in March 1999 at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in California for 5 years, at the same time she started teaching at Yoga Place now known as Yoga Works 1999 – 2002, in the spring of 2002 she opened her own Yoga Shala, with a couple of classes per week plus many private Yoga classes, she also worked with special populations, and in 2004 also offer Thai Yoga Therapy to her students until the end of 2007.

December 26th, 2006, Johanna and Gary opened a Yoga and healing resort on the beaches of Mancora Peru.  Johanna taught Yoga and directed Samana Chakra for 10 Years and lead many retreats and intensives during this decade.

Johanna was featured in an ESPN  Latin America special on Yoga, appearing in 3 different segments in 2017, in September of the same year she leads her first international Kite and Yoga retreat with Samana Legacy Adventures, a complete success she wishes to repeat in 2019.