Devi Denson

As a young girl Devi naturally gravitated towards contemplation and meditation. As a teenager she joined long held stretches, which were essentially Yin Yoga Postures to her meditations. The stretching postures and meditation were a natural fit, so she kept at it. Devi was born in 1958, so that adds up to a lot of years of Pre-Yoga, Yoga! In the 1990s Devi continued what she calls  her “spontaneous Yogic path” in a more “traditional Yogic” way . This led to her becoming a meditation and Yoga teacher.

Following are Devi’s meditation and Yoga credentials:

  • Validated Buddhist Dharma and Meditation Teacher, a Spiritual Friend- validated by Tibetan Master Geshe Gyalten
  • Certified by the “International Institute of Tibetan Studies” to teach “Breathe”
  • Studied completed teacher training in Advanced Levels of Yantra Yoga-Valudated by Fabio Andrico
  • Yin Yang Insight Yoga, Advanced Yoga  Teacher training validated by Sarah Powers
  • A first year graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco
  • Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 200

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