Introduction to Family Constellations

June 12, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Heidi St Rogers
$20.00 person / $120.00 (if you we facilitate your constellation) Pay at the door.
For questions or to RSVP email

Family Constellations is an integrative approach to heal unconscious family patterns, imprints and trauma. Science is now proving we can inherit cellular imprints from our ancestors, at least 13 generations deep.  These imprints can present in our lives or within the lives of our family members as anxiety, depression , money issues, relationship breakdowns, addictions, etc.

Often there is a correlation within the family system with a relative who had a similar issue that went unresolved…thus the trickledown within the family line to be resolved by a descendant.

We trace these issues to find the root within the family system and through witnessing, accepting and honoring our ancestors and their lives, we free ourselves, our lineage and future generations from reliving unconscious themes. Fragmented pieces of ourselves integrate into new neuropathways, the natural order of love is restored, and our lives can flow with more ease, as we are empowered and freed up to live in accordance to our souls own unique blueprint.

About Heidi:

Heidi has integrated many modalites from her 17 years of immersion in the healing arts and her devotion to assist helping people heal on all levels of being. She is deeply attuned to how emotion are stored in the body and utilises her many years as a bodyworker to help release embodied trauma through the process of Family Constellations. She was blessed to learn to facilitate the Constellation work from Mark Wolynn, Author of the world renown book, “It didn’t start with you.”   She is a practitioner of the Ten Session of Structural Integration, NLP,  Cranial sacral therapy, Ayurveda and Panchakarma. Her spiritual path has nourished her work;  including the  Lakota tradition, Tibetan buddhism , Dzogchen, and the Dagara.

She believes in honoring and incorporating indigenous technologies and ceremony into everyday life and on the path of growth and healing.

She is a Family Constellations Facilitator, ordained Minister, and offers sacred ceremony for weddings, blessingways, Temazcal, coming of age and death rites.

She works with individuals and groups both locally and internationally and collaborates with many healers to bring a full spectrum of offerings for integrated wellness and souls evolution.

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