Oregon – From the Mat to Meditation

Taught by Jackie Reeves
June 3-5, 2018

Visit http://breitenbush.com

The classes will include asana, primarily yin yoga (long held passive poses which promote deep releasing), restorative poses and dynamic vinyasa and will incorporate pranayama and meditation.

There will also be time to enjoy hiking, soaking in the hot springs and relaxing.  All levels welcome.

Jackie will be assisted by Ms Michael Stewart and Kristin Franger.  (see their bios on this website).

Jackie has been teaching for over 30 years. Her studies have deepened through a wide range of movement, meditation, body and energy work and psychology including Yoga, Vipassana meditation, massage, Polarity therapy, Reiki and Process Work psychotherapy. Her teaching style is open and light-hearted yet sincere.

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Jackie Reeves