Amy Russell

amyAmy is a long time student, practitioner, and teacher of yoga.  After early dance training, she sustained serious back and knee injuries and discovered yoga as a path of healing.  She studied for several years at the Iyengar Institute in New York City and supplemented yoga practice with an immersion into energy healing at the Brenna School.  In 2002, Amy completed yoga teacher training with Todd Norian (Kripalu/Anusara) and taught for several years in New York City.

She suffered a debilitating bout of arthritis, followed by hip and knee replacements.  Once again,yoga practice helped her heal physically.  But beyond the physical healing, yoga helps her cultivate a profound sense of well being and gratitude for this body as it is today, with all its mysteries and quirks, and its capacity for joy and wonder, regardless of age or condition.  More recently, Amy is deepening her practice with yin yoga, and is a regular at Kathy’s classes.

Amy is delighted to join the teaching team at Yoga Samadhi.  Her teaching style is warm, and friendly, with attention to alignment while guiding the students inward allowing posture, movement and stillness to emerge from within.

Amy holds a master’s degree in Anglican Theology from General Theological Seminary and writes regularly about embodiment, faith, and the integration of body into spiritual practice.  She spends several weeks a year at a zen monastery in upstate New York.

Amy and her husband, Bret, are newcomers to White Salmon after more than 30 years in New York City.  She enjoys exploring the incredible beauty of the Gorge, and welcoming regular visits from friends and family, including tow grown sons, Kaijo Matt and Mark.